Alliance 32 10th Legion

Main leader

Marshall Taeghen (acting)


Human, High elf

Base of operations

Allerian Stronghold

Main language(s)

Common, Thallasian


Old Hatreds

"The initial attacks went well and we pushed the demons back, Alliance and Horde as a unified force against Hell itself. We were winning it seemed, at least for a while, then the portal closed and no more reinforcements could make it through. We are stranded with no escape and an ever increasing darkness encroaching on us. There's only one way left to go...Forward." - Unknown.

The Dark Portal has closed after the first wave went through and now with the Alliance forces splintering, the Humans have rallied under the command of the elite force leading the Expedition through the Portal. As the Dwarves and Gnomes make their way to fight on their own front, the 10th Legion remains in Honor Hold with an adamant resolve to topple Hellfire Citadel and re-open the gateway to Azeroth. When Kargath's forces took over the Peninsula the 10th Legion joined forces with the High Elves in Allerian Stronghold.
Although cut off and isolated, much like the first Expedition, the 10th Legion has vowed to continue the mission they were sent to Outland to accomplish, or die trying.

The Alliance Expedition
10th Legion - The Adamantine Cog - The Ironhammer Brigade