== Bronn Ironbitter== Bronn Ironbitter is a dwarf with abit too much pride, and far too much drink in him to be normal. He has a long scraggly beard that reaches his waist and his hair is tied into a knot around the back of his head. His eyes are a simple and plain brown, except he is missing his right eye, having lost one in an accident with him and a fellow rifleman. He is taller than other dwarves by a good few inches, however he is also alot fatter. Bronn is a dwarf that likes his drink and that shows in his ever increasing beer belly. He takes pride in this however and does not mind beating down any who think to mock him. He is a blunt and aggressive dwarf but has a lovable side...somewhere. His hair is black. His desire in life is to see the Dark Iron Clan burn into the ashes from which they dared face the might of the Bronzebeard's and Wildhammer's forces, his own family fighting alongside the Bronzebeards throughout history, always staying loyal. The family is small in number and now he is the last of his generation of Ironbitters after his cousins died in the third war.


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