FANDOM Forlun Fangclaw


Forlun Fangclaw the Savage



Character class

Savagekin, Druid,


Kaldorei, Sentinels, Ilanowyr, Elune, Cenarius


Elder of the Forces of Nature,


Ashenvale, usually.


Mate/Wife: Opalesc Unborn Child: Unknown Mother: Unkown (†) Father: Unknown (†) Sister: Unknown

Forlun Fangclaw (For-lun) is a well revered fighter during the War of the Ancients, and an adaptable Savagekin who has learnt to some lengths how to control his own animal-totem. Former Captain during the War of the Ancients, he worked along with Jared Shadowsong along with many other noticeable figures of the battle. Currently Forlun is mated, married, to Opalesc Oceloth with a child on it's way.


War of the AncientsEdit

Born roughly 12,000 (No accurate date can be given) years given to the current timeline, Forlun was raised up by his mother and father in a small village along the coast of Ashenvale. Idolising his father, Forlun took many traits from him such as his perspective of life and his logic - One of the few things he inherited from his mother was his great love for animal's. But none the less, life was enjoying with no regrets.

Moving through the rites and teachings with relative ease, Forlun felt that these achievements were nothing to be admired for if he was not tested above his average standards. With a new objection in mind the Kaldorei enlisted himself into the Kaldorei Empire Army, and in soon enough time gained a decent rank and title with his own squadron to satisfy his burning desires. For the time being. Noticing the steady increase of Queen Azshara's lack of interest in the military or other branches, Forlun like many other's grew concerned of her distance and began to assume and deduct the situation. Because of this, when the Queen betrayed the very Kaldorei, Forlun was ready as to retreat when he deserted the Army without a successful attempt on his life, when he refused to join in the massacre of other Kaldorei.

After the War, Forlun was thrown a distance during the Sundering and crashed into a lake - luckily the consequences only being a broken arm and a stab at his pride, he picked up the pieces and ventured forth with Malfurion and Tyrande into the wide unknown.

The 'Long Vigil'Edit