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Q. So what makes Prologue different from any other server out there? A. Custom made talents suited for role-playing, hardcore death, a unique real time strategy system for guilds, large scale guild wars, unexplored custom zones, new caves and hidden treasures scattered over the world, and much more. The vast amount of changes done to the World of Warcraft environment not only show our teams dedication to create the best world for our players, but shows how we, as a team, are willing to go the extra mile for quality and innovation

Q. How do you obtain levels in Prologue? &nbsp A. You don't. All tedious grinding mechanics have been replaced with role-playing systems. Your character starts at level 80 and can only grow stronger via influence. Not even items gives you stat bonuses. Influence is rewarded during role-playing activities, you can read more in Tokens&Influence

Q. If items does not give bonuses, does that mean I can equip a level 10 sword just for the looks and still be equally good as somebody with a level 80 sword? A. That is correct! All items have been normalized, so you can look however you want and still be able to fight. The only way to gain more powerful weapons is via influence or obtaining certain custom items

Q. What about mobs and raid bosses then, do they still exist? A. World of Warcraft is a gameplay designed world; it is not designed for role playing purposes. You walk 800 yards in a forest, and you've met 20-40 creatures on your way. The creatures exist there because of quests and grinding opportunities, players have obviously grown used to this, so it does not bother most of them. But for some, like me, it's hell of annoying and ruins "the feel" of the world. It truly feels like a static game, not a living world.

With that being said, we’re going for a whole new approach on Prologue. We will decrease the amount of mobs with 90 - 95% and focus on making the world dangerous and alive. To encounter a bear will be a rare thing (Might be only one walking in Elwynn forest) and if you encounter it, you should be lucky to survive. One mistake, and consider yourself dead. NPC's does not respawn but animals reproduce every now and then. Humanoids such as the Defias can be driven out of the land, just remember that every action you make will always be answered one way or another.

Q. How does the death system works, and why is it so harsh? A. When we first designed the death system we wanted to create something that would make people think twice about their actions and really feel the risk they should when travelling some of the most dangerous parts of Azeroth. As Prologue has no OOC in game we wanted it to really feel like death is death and not something that you can just keep coming back from over and over. In Prologue you can only die twice with no exceptions, when you die the second time you can no longer revive. There are rumors of ancient and dangerous ways of resurrection but it certainly is not common. We feel that the current death system adds a lot to the depth of the world and makes death really feel like a serious moment in a character's life, and quite possibly their last as well.

Q. I want to make a prestige class, is that possible? A. Custom made talent trees have been established to enhance role-play experience for all – replacing the former prestige system commonly used in other servers. As influence grows, so will the amount of talents unlocked on your chosen tree(s). When reaching the maximum influence level, you will enter prestige mode.

Q. Prestige mode? A. When you have reached our last talent it will allow you to initiate the prestige mode. You'll get in contact with one of the server admins who will guide you through this process. We will listen to how you would like to portray your character and do our best to make it into reality. Should your character have the power to raise a skeleton army? A special artifact which makes the earth tremble? A staff that summons rain? It's all possible through this system, although, it is no easy task.

Q. What roles will guilds play on Prologue? A. Guilds on prologue will experience some of the most ground-breaking features on the server, I'm not just talking about some title over your head. I'm talking encampments, fortresses, workers, resources, income, troops, war, territory claiming and all the glory that comes with it. Newton’s 3rd law of motion suggests that every action holds a reaction. As is the case with Prologue - Events are lore, and a guild can and will create such. What choices a guild makes will represent what Prologue will be tomorrow. Be it a world of peace or battlegrounds of conflict, the players are those to assign it.

Q. What if I just want to create a guild without all the extra responsibilities? Like a guild that spends time doing milk? A. There are two choices when creating a guild, either being Social or Hardcore. Social guilds only have limited access to the construction and war features of Prologue. They cannot create their own bases, nor can they field their own armies. Organizations such as these are geared more towards support guilds such as medical societies, taverns, mercenary companies, etc. Hardcore guilds have full access to the construction and war features on Prologue. They can claim territory, negotiate alliances, lead armies, and build keeps. Organizations such as these tend to be more militant groups or official factions. Hardcore guilds require more effort on the part of the guild master to make sure their concept is flawless before it is accepted due to the amount of influence they can exert on the world.

Q. Why do we only get three character slots? A. There are two reasons for only allowing three character slots. The first revolves around the technical capacity of our site. Since this site so heavily interacts with the character database we did not want it to get bogged down and slow by filling the database to the brim with alts and toss away characters.

The second reason being that having only three character slots allows the players to focus in a specific area and really have their RP shine as opposed to dispersing their talent among five less used characters. In the long run we believe this benefits server health and creates a stronger environment for players to interact with.

Q. Does Prologue follow the Blizzard Lore? A. Yes, we're rather harsh on players following the official lore written by Blizzard. However, flavor lore and fan-fiction is accepted and appreciated as long it does not alter major events or lore characters. Prologue starts at "vanilla" (meaning before The Burning Crusade) and follows a unique fan-fiction server lore written by our authors to define this server. We do not alter any major official lore aspects.

Q. Can players interact with the server lore? A. Absolutely, you can even become a main character. It all depends on your choices and influence on Azeroth.

Q. Why do we need to validate a character? A. Because of some of our advanced roleplaying systems you are required to supply us with some of your character's personal information (such as first & last name). This data will be displayed on your character's profile, which is publicly available to be viewed. During the
character validation you will also be prompted to answer some questions which will help the system to assign an alignment to your character.

Q. Is my game-account also used for logging in on the forums? A. Your game-account is not your forum-account. To be able to use the forums features you'll have to register a seperate account (on the forums) for that.