London, United Kingdom


Hakuro started his roleplaying career on a server called AtlasWoW - a GM server which used a unique system where players could 'rent' plots of land and they'd have to renew the lease every 15 days (all for free). He met two people on his adventures there, and one of his largest ambitions was to build himself a great house, have NPC servants and have lots of gold everywhere. Little did this young man know, but this fantasy would be what started his roleplaying for life. On his original Blood Elf character Solstice, he began roleplaying with two other people on the server, and his interest only grew from their.

A few months on, Hakuro had moved to a server called Esterus, which then formed into Libertas, which is where he first met, befriended and shared great roleplay with Sathron who was then a GM at the server. As time grew, it became apparent how the server was not a place for Hakuro, and he caught wind of a server called Epilogue from a friend.

He immediately notified all those he bothered for and up-rooted to the Epilogue site and forums, encapsulated by all elements of the server. From then on, he posted as much as he felt he could and contributed as much as he was able. The server, barely had 50 members and Hakuro was proud to be among the early members. Being admitted into the closed beta, he played for a while but was unable to play for prolonged amounts of time due to the insane lag which was on the original closed beta server. He provided as much feedback as he could, and helped in all ways possible. As more of the public caught wind of Epilogue, hundreds flocked to the server... and with that came good and bad, before it was a fairly tightly-knit community and it had suddenly ballooned into a huge one.

In no time at all, when the applications were out Hakuro applied to be a Seer GM, but failed to qualify. A few weeks later the position was open again, and due to his in-game display was accepted onto the team. Since then, the newly admitted GameMaster tried his utmost to make sure people weren't running rampant on the server, and more importantly he was trying his best to create surreal areas and dream-like events.

Alas, the server closed after S left... and it all fell down.

Then, the staff of Epilogue formed with a person named "Net_Creator" who had previously helped add special items and such codes into the database. Upon this, New Chapter was formed... but it didn't last long, regular concept meetings were held but they knew they would never produce something as good as Epilogue had been, so decided to try it's hardest to live up to the legacy of a legendary server. It was originally intended to be set in Vanilla, and use a war system and an influence system as well as offering beautiful world edits of towns to make them larger and offer housing to players. There was a short promotional video showing the new Goldshire in all it's glory, as well as a larger Ratchet, Razor Hill and other towns. The staff included,

Admins: DrinkArizona (Project Leader), Mortis and Sathron.

Conceptualists/In-game Developers/GMs: Feronius, Seedbox, Peon, Armistad and Hakuro.

While on MSN, Hakuro began to notice S had been coming online more regularly, he finally started a few conversations about Epilogue and wondering why it was closed... upon this he found information that S was planning another server. Yet, not a word could be spoken due to the server being heavily in a conceptual stage. Hakuro informed S of New Chapter and said that they would be more than happy to translate over to a server ran by S, so he arranged the two project leaders to meet in an MSN conversation and was present while they discussed merging. A days later, the teams were officially going to merge and the Prologue forums went up! If a little early due to the issues surrounding New Chapter and so on.

From there, Hakuro was admitted into the staff as a conceptualist but later decided that he was more of a creative rather than a fact-confirming stats setter, mechanics of systems was not his thing. As soon as it was assembled, Hakuro was added into the GM team, being one of 15 founding GMs. He was in one of three GM houses, Zenith and has now remained in the team to this day.

Now, only 6 original GMs remain. The current staff composition of Prologue can be found on About Prologue.