Maximillian, commonly known as Max is a Southshore born merchant and smuggler. Not very keen to settle down anywhere, he travels from town to town on horseback, buying and selling just about anything he can make profit on. While he always does his best to maintain a brilliant, honest appearance, he is one greedy bastard, and would sell anything to anyone for profit, no matter what consequences it might bring, as long as it wouldn't directly affect his business. He has been known by some to deal with counterfeit alcohol and many illegal substances, selling arms to criminal groups, even trading classified information if he could get his hands on anything that could profit him.

Max operates mostly in Eastern Kingdoms, from the Forsaken infested lands of North Lordaeron to the pirate town of Booty Bay. Sometimes, though, he travels across the sea to the lands of Kalimdor if deals with distant customers need to be made, or exotic goods need to be found.

Miraculously avoiding the authorities in his many years of smuggling, tax avoidance and theft he still wanders the lonely roads of Azeroth, pack horse loaded with Light knows what at his side. If you need something, no matter what it might be, look out for this man in a black cloak and hat, and perhaps at a right price he shall find it for you.

Welcome to Max's Enterprises. Anything. Anywhere. Anyhow. You will not be disappointed!