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Rabbits are adorable critters found scattered throughout Azeroth. Mostly concentrated within wooded and flatland areas, rabbits use their tiny widdle claws to FURIOUSLY SCRATCH their enemies. :):):)

Nutricious ValueEdit

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A Rabbit roasting on a spit

Not only are rabbits great as pets, but they also make a fine meal. Simply put up a campfire and slow-roast for an hour. This will not give you any buffs, but you can feel like Bear Grylls as you cook you slowly cook your meal and camp out in the dangerous wilds of Prologue.

Rabbits are also a suspected source of meat for Jimmy's "Meat-Inna-Buns". Other possible sources include rats, squirrels, wolpertingers and the condensed tears of banned players.

Sexual AppealEdit

Various sexual predators are often excited by rabbits for reasons currently unknown. The game has cunningly

The "Sexual Predator" Player Group

introduced "Rabbit Ears" as an item to appease this player segment. Successful market research has recently determined that this has lead to a 300% increase in /played time in this particular group, as well as a 167% increase in public ERP, as well as a 42% increase in consensual public ERP. Any players seeking a member of this group as a potential partner may find them cunningly disguised as overgeared paladins or rogues, usually standing around Stormwind district, mumbling awkward inuendos to any female character walking past.



Possible Rabbit "True Form"?

In July 2010, a group of players proposed that Rabbits were actually Reptilian spies, working for the famous Reptilian politician, Barack Hussein Obama. This group was incredibly upset by the failure of the Prologue playerbase to take the threat seriously, and quit the server in a shitstorm of drama.