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The Sen'Jin Strike refers to the attempt made within Prologue to bolster the ranks of the Horde, by offering them a unquie and focused chain of events, developed on reclaiming some of the Echo Isles.

It was overal met with a large turnout, but the event was never completed.


It has been five years since Voljin had left his temporary home, the Echo Isles. The Darkspears driven out by the mad Witch Doctor Zalazane had lost all the land and many numerous trolls in the process. The rebellion against the Darkspears had cost the tribe greatly. No more did they have a great land to call they own, now Voljin sits within the Orgrimmar keep advising Thrall and plotting, plotting to take back the land which was given and provided for him, to once more move back into a suitable area for his tribe.

It was with this that a Champion was picked from the tribe, a Champion to lead the attack known as the ‘Senjin-Strike’. To lead a suitable force across the river and take the island back for the Darkspears. It was to be no easy feat, the Darkspears still remained weakened by the initial attack and all knew that Zalazanes power was un-matched by other Witchdoctors of the Darkspear tribe, but if the force could weaken his grasp on the land, then perhaps it would only be time before the Darkspears reclaim it all, reclaim all of Echo Isles.

The StrikeEdit

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Preparation of WarEdit

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The Enemy on the shoresEdit

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