The Darktooth Tribe

Main leader

Shadow Hunter Kaz'Kah



Base of operations


Main language(s)

Zandali, Orcish


Old Hatreds

The Darktooth Tribe is a tribe devoted entirely to the freedom of Trolls. Where the Fist of Grommash forbids some practices, such as open-ended Cannibalism and Sacrifices, The Darktooth Tribe's agenda is to provide a safe haven to allow them to practice their religion and rituals openly and without discrimination. These practices include cannibalism, mummification, sacrifice of both animals and humanoids, hexxing, and voodoo.

Despite this great amount of freedom, the Tribe does have rules. Mind Slaves are strictly forbidden, and anything that endangers the Tribe and acts in the interest of the Burning Legion or other obviously terrible things are also forbidden. There is a three-strike system among the tribe. First strike is losing an arm. Second strike is losing your tusks, and third strike is, of course, being killed and eaten.