The Placeholder's Rest
The ship as seen in Stormwind.

Main leader

Captain Jark

Secondary leader(s)

First Mate Jack,
Overseer Dagren


Human, Dwarf, Gnome

Base of operations

Stormwind Harbor

Main language(s)




Jark Harkorrow and his faithful crew have opened up a Tavern within their ship. They are currently being invested on by a Gnome known only as Sprongle, a once rich inhabitant of Gnomeregan, he is once again seeking to regain wealth within this magnificent ship which is to-be a tavern, the masons of Stormwind themselves have offered a pact with the tavern, them offering to repair any damage that would be done to the ship, in return the ship would not "steal" away customers to sleep in their inn. The ship is simply a eatery and a place to chill and drink within.

The ShipEdit

The black and red ship is a wonderful sight to see to all, with it's metal spikes on both ends, you could see that this ship has been in many battles. There is also a past of piracy within the ship, and a sense of danger at all times. Which can give you some what excitement, as all do people when they feel in danger, you should also feel a sense of cosiness within the ship, with it's many lights within, you can tell it's tavern material, from it's three decks of which hold everything the sailors of the Placeholder's Rest hold.

The CrewEdit


The captain of the ship and owner of the tavern, he manages about everything with his First Mate.

First mateEdit

The first mate helps the Captain with almost about everything, to managing, recruiting more people and keeping everything in order.


This person invests in the tavernand the ship, he/she is one of the most important people in the Placeholder's rest.


The overseer is basically the person who keeps everything in order while the Captain and First mate are away. Basically an officer of the tavern.


A specialist is a person who specialises in one profession, such as cooking for instance.

Moral BoosterEdit

A moral booster is usually a woman, of which is obviously a.. moral booster. They do things such as dancing on tables!


A bouncer is obviously a bonicer, they keep people from making trouble within the tavern and also the ship in general


A waiter serves the drink and food, and also creates conversation with the customers to keep them occupied

Ship mateEdit

A regular person who is apart of the crew, they don't do anything really special, they can do things such as be a bar keep, a cleaner. Or just be a regular person who hangs around the ship.

Land lubberEdit

A new comer to the crew, they will have to choose their position before they can get promoted to the rank they desire.