Note: This is custom lore

Translocation is the skill of teleporting from one specific area to another. All mages have a basic understanding of Translocation, in a spell commonly learned (and called) Blink, along with Portals.

Types of TranslocationEdit

There are numerous types of translocation. These types differ for numerous reasons:

  • Self-Translocation: Self-Translocation is the act in which most mages can perform using the spell blink. It teleports the individual a specific distance from the original spot.
  • Kin-Translocation: Kin-Translocation is the act in which a mage can teleport other people to a specific location, minus the aid of a Portal. Kin-Location (as it is sometimes referred to)is specifically teleporting the individual a short distance (ie in plain sight of the caster.)
  • Distrans-Location: distrans-Location refers to the act of teleporting the caster OR another individual to a specific location. This distrans-Location always refers to the teleporting being done out of the casters original sight.


Though, Trans-location is usually taught to mages within a certain way (such as Portals and blinks), concerns are high about the ability of those who learn Translocation indepth, and more so Distrans-location.

It has been noted by numerous mages that Distrans-location, is rarely used and it is impossible for the individual who uses it to leave the continent they are on, however they may travel over numerous zones through this method.

It is also documented that Distrans-Location is a very draining process when done numerous times and would most likely only be done once or twice within a week.